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For up-to-date information on the latest status of ReverseDOS, please see my blog.

ReverseDOS Release-History and Downloads

ReverseDOS Releases are listed below in descending order of release date/version.

NOTICE: Download and use of ReverseDOS is governed by the license agreement. - ReverseDOS 3.1 2007-03-14
  Release Notes / History:
  • Requests/Posts by Authenticated Users are now trusted.
  • Added the ability to create rules - which allow or deny specific types of traffic to specified locations.
  • Filters can now be targeted against a specific type of traffic or action (i.e. a filter against a certain spam term can be set to only check the HTTP Referrer, or the Querystring, instead of all aspects of the request.) (The default action is to check all aspects of the input.)
  • Specifying whether or not to 'RDOS' a request (or merely '403' it, without a forced 'lag') can now be set on a filter by filter basis - instead of being a site-wide choice.
  •   Downloads:
  • ReverseDOS 3.1 Binaries - 20 KB - .dlls for ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 Environments.
  • ReverseDOS 3.1 Source - 25 KB - Complete Source Code for version 3.1 (for both ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 Web Sites).
  • - ReverseDOS 2.9 2005-11-04
      Release Notes / History:
  • Added functionality to allow directories to be trusted. If specified directory is matched in the requested URL, then ReverseDOS won't block requests against the directory due to pattern matching against the filters. (Functionality added to allow you to specify a value like /blog/admin/ so that you don't ReverseDOS yourself when you post content (posting content with multiple urls tends to burn people - and adding an approved IP address isn't always feasible).)
  •   Downloads:
  • ReverseDOS 2.9 Binaries - 9 KB - .dlls/assemblies
  • ReverseDOS 2.9 Source - 12 KB - Complete Source Code for version 2.9
  • - ReverseDOS 2.8 2005-07-28
      Release Notes / History:
  • Complete architectural rewrite of 2.1 to avoid issues with 'gratuitous' 403s. (i.e. fixed the bug that caused me to pull version 2.1.)
  • Moved the config information out of the Web.Config and into ReverseDOS.config to make it so that your site doesn't need to restart when you modify filter definitions
  • Added trusted addresses to make it so that you don't ReverseDOS yourself when you do blog posts.
  • Removed FilteTypes (as part of the architectural clean-up) which makes configuration and maintenace TONS easier.
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - ReverseDOS 2.1 2005-07-13
      Release Notes / History:
  • Moderate internal adjustments to 2.0.
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - ReverseDOS 2.0 2005-07-07
      Release Notes / History:
  • Removed the ability to specify action types. Now only a single action exists for spam matches: make the requesting client wait for a default of 60 seconds (checking every .3 seconds to see if the client is still connected), and then send an HTTP 403. (Note, the lag time can be set/reduced (even down to 0 seconds, meaning that the 403 is immediate).)
  • Cleaned up filter type syntax.
  • ReverseDOS global settings are now optional.
  • Added more complex filter types: commentspam and referrerspam filters to make filtering easier.
  • Improved support for regex filter patterns.
  • See blog entry announcing 2.0 features for more details.
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - ReverseDOS 1.2 2005-07-06
      Release Notes / History:
  • 1.1 BugFix only rewound the InputStream BEFORE each filter tried to read it. That left the InputStream effectively unavailable for subsequent interaction (meaning that apps like the Blogging API weren't able to function correctly). This version rewinds AFTER each post filter checks for evil.
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - ReverseDOS 1.1 2005-07-01
      Release Notes / History:
  • Fixed bug with post filters not 'rewinding' (see blog for more info)
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - ReverseDOS 1.0 2005-06-01
      Release Notes / History:
  • Added 'keyed' Filters (filters which take in a key, like Request.Form[key], or Request.Headers[key], etc.).
  • Added internal logic to extend ScriptTimeout to accomodate configured values for ReverseDOS attacks (i.e. no need to set a script timeout in the web.config - ReverseDOS will calculate an applicable script timeout based on the size of the attack, and the lag between bytes).
  • Added a new optional web.config value to set a limit on the number of concurrent ReverseDOSes being mounted by the webserver.
  • Finished performance testing.
  • NOTE: Installation Instructions are only available online.
  • NOTE: Developer docs (the .chm download) are fairly wimpy at this point...
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued).
     0.9.8X - Beta 1 2005-04-28
      Release Notes / History:
  • Fully Functional.
  • Has only been tested with 10x ReverseDOS attacks at a given time.
  • Running 20 filters against the HTTPModule (without a match, obviously) had virtually no impact on page/request throughput.
  • (Obviously needs some more concrete benchmarking/testing... coming soon.)
  • Installation instructions only available online.
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued). - Technology Preview 2004-11-22
      Release Notes / History:
  •   No Downloads Available (version discontinued).