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AngryPets Tools

These tools represent polished versions (most of the time) of solutions that I've created for real-world applications, or solutions that I've taken on as pet projects. Unless otherwise noted, these tools are all documented, performance optimized, and hopefully bug free. These tools, along with their source code, are also available free of charge. My hope is to provide high-quality tools that can be used by community members without fear (or shame) in real-life production applications.

Available AngryPets Tools

Need to quickly add a professional set of 'mouse-over' effects to aid with navigation and form-completion? Then ToolPanel is the tool for you. ToolPanel extends existing ASP.NET web controls by overriding the ToolTip attribute with a bevy of configurable attributes that allow you to provide full HTML 'ToolTips', or ToolPanels, instead.

GoogleProxyBlocker: GPB
Worried about the GWA hosing your site? Don't be. This simple to install and configure tool will tell the Proxy Bots to scram.

Tired of referrer spam? Want to create some havoc for zombies and script kiddies? Slow attacks on your site with ReverseDOS.

Blog Resources
Huh? No, they're not tools per se, but I've had a couple (2 or 3 is a couple, right?) of good ideas about .NET development, and I've also created a few SQL Scripts that may be valuable. Eventually I'll turn some of my SQLScripts into a set of full-blown tools.

As if one blog wasn't enough to keep up with, I've got a second blog devoted to SQL Server. Posts on it come and go in spurts. It's a place for me to spout off about theory, best-practices, and other sundries related to SQL Server.

Upcoming AngryPets Tools

ASP.NET provides some pretty quick and dirty protection of your files via forms authentication. But what if you want more flexibility, like the ability to ignore forms authentication when the request comes from a pre-approved HTTPReferer? Or what about tracking download hits? This flexible HTTPHandler implementation makes it all quick and easy. A simple config section keeps track of your files, and allows you to specify whether or not users or urls are able to access the files. A flexible provider implementation allows for a variety of ways to track and persist the number of downloads too.

An extensible scheduling framework.